Fatima Bianchi

Fatima Bianchi



Fatima Bianchi is a renowned Italian film director and producer. She began her career in the early 2000s, when she directed her first short film, 'The Girl from the South'. Since then, she has gone on to direct, produce, and write several feature-length films, including 'L'amore delle Tre Melarance' (2006), 'La Passione' (2008), and 'La Nostra Vita' (2010).

Bianchi was born in Milan, Italy in 1976. She attended the Academy of Arts in Milan, where she studied film and television production. After graduating, she began her career directing short films, including 'The Girl from the South', which was selected to be part of the Venice Film Festival in 2003. She then directed her first feature film, 'L'amore delle Tre Melarance', in 2006. The film was nominated for four Italian Academy Awards and won three.

In 2008, Bianchi directed 'La Passione', a story about a woman's search for identity and her struggle to find her place in a world that is constantly changing. The film was nominated for several awards, including four David di Donatello awards, and won one. In 2010, she directed her third feature film, 'La Nostra Vita', which won the Grand Prix at the Venice Film Festival.

In recent years, Bianchi has focused her attention on producing films. She has produced films such as 'Reality' (2012) and 'The Great Beauty' (2013), both of which were critically acclaimed. In 2015, she produced the Netflix series, 'Suburra', which was nominated for several awards, including the International Emmy Award.

Bianchi is an accomplished filmmaker who has proven to be a talented director, producer, and writer. She has won numerous awards and is highly respected in the Italian film industry. She continues to make films that are both poignant and relevant, telling stories that touch viewers from all walks of life.

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