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Erica Tremblay



Erica Tremblay is a Canadian director and producer. She is best known for directing and producing the award-winning documentary film, “The Perils of Perception”, which premiered at the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival in 2009.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Tremblay grew up with a passion for film. She began her career as a director and producer by working under the guidance of Canadian director, Eileen Thalenberg. During this time, Tremblay collaborated on several projects, including the feature documentary, “The Perils of Perception”, which focused on the ways in which our perceptions of the world can affect our lives.

In 2008, Tremblay made her directorial debut with the feature documentary “The Perils of Perception”, which explored the relationship between perception and reality and how our perceptions can lead to misperceptions and errors in judgment. The film was critically acclaimed and won the Best Documentary Award at the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival.

After the success of “The Perils of Perception”, Tremblay went on to direct the feature film, “The Time Traveler” in 2011. The film, which was based on the novel by Stephen King, starred Eric Bana and was critically acclaimed. Tremblay also directed and produced the short film “The Return” in 2012, which was selected to be a part of the Toronto International Film Festival.

In addition to her work in film, Tremblay has also directed and produced several television series, including “The Bridge” and “The Listener”. She has also worked on the popular drama series, “Rookie Blue” and the award-winning mini-series, “The Book of Negroes”.

Tremblay is currently working on several film and television projects, including a feature film adaptation of the novel, “The Book of Negroes”. She is also directing the upcoming television series, “The Expanse” for Netflix.

Erica Tremblay is a multifaceted director and producer who has earned numerous accolades for her work in film and television. Her work continues to be seen and appreciated by audiences around the world.

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