Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim

Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim



Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim is a Turkish writer, director, actor and producer of cinema. He was born in Istanbul in 1977. He studied sociology and psychology at the University of Istanbul before beginning his career in the film industry.

He started his career in the film industry as an assistant director in the film Uçurtma Avcısı (The Kite Hunter). This was followed by his first short film in 2000, titled Gelenek (Tradition). Since then, he has worked on a number of films, including Bana Şans Dile (Good Luck to Me), Sarı Zeybek (Yellow Zeybek) and Tahta Dünya (Wooden World). In 2004, he directed his first feature film, Güneşimin Battığı Yer (Where My Sun Sets), which was a critical and commercial success.

In 2007, he directed his second feature film, İstanbul Bizim (Istanbul is Ours). The film was an exploration of the city’s culture and heritage. It received numerous awards and nominations, including the National Arts Award for Best Film. The film was also screened at several international film festivals, including the Istanbul International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival.

In 2010, Emek directed his third feature film, Geceyarısı Şarkısı (The Song of Midnight). This film was another exploration of Istanbul and its culture. It was also met with critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the London Turkish Film Festival, and Best Film at the Golden Orange Film Festival.

In 2013, he directed his fourth feature film, Kızılelma (The Maiden). This was a romantic comedy set in Istanbul. The film was a commercial success and was praised for its heart-warming story and its exploration of contemporary Turkish culture.

Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim has established himself as one of the most talented directors in Turkey. His films are known for their strong visual style and their exploration of contemporary Turkish culture. He is a director who captures the beauty of Istanbul and its people, and his films are a testament to his love for the city.

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