Elisabeth Leuvrey

Elisabeth Leuvrey



Elisabeth Leuvrey is a French director, screenwriter, and producer. She is best known for her work in French television and feature films.

Leuvrey was born in Paris in 1972. She began her career in 1995, working as an assistant director on the television series “Tales of Mystery”. She then moved to feature films, writing and directing the comedy “Le Château des Égarés” in 1998. She followed this up with the romantic comedy “Le Mariage de Léa” in 2000.

Leuvrey’s break-out success came in 2003 with the television series “Les Enfants de l’Amour”, which she wrote and directed. The series was a hit, and earned her a nomination for Best Director at the Festival de la Fiction TV in 2006.

Leuvrey went on to direct several films, including the drama “La Nuit des Rois” in 2007, and the historical drama “Napoléon” in 2012. She also directed the critically acclaimed television series “Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie”, which was nominated for Best Series at the Festival de la Fiction TV in 2013.

In 2014, Leuvrey wrote and directed the feature film “Les Apparences”, which won the Audience Award at the Cannes Film Festival. She followed this up with the romantic comedy “Une Famille à Louer” in 2017, and the drama “L’Étranger” in 2018.

Leuvrey has been praised for her ability to combine commercial success with critical acclaim, and her films have earned numerous nominations and awards. She is currently in pre-production on her next film, “La Maison des Larmes”.

Leuvrey is a celebrated director in her native France, and her influence is still felt in the industry today. She is a strong advocate for female filmmakers, and she has been instrumental in creating opportunities for women to succeed in the film and television industry.

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