Elisa Larvego

Elisa Larvego



Elisa Larvego is a Brazilian-born director and producer best known for her work in documentaries, short films, and feature films. She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983 and attended the University of São Paulo, where she studied film production and screenwriting.

Larvego began her career directing short films, such as Meu Garoto and Lagoa (both 2006), which earned her several awards. She went on to produce and direct the documentary series São Paulo, A Cidade dos Sonhos (2008). This series earned her awards at the International Documentary Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, and earned her a nomination for a Brazilian Academy Award.

In 2012, Larvego wrote and directed her first feature film, Maresia. The film was well-received and won two awards at the São Paulo International Film Festival. She followed this up with her second feature, O Olho e o Vento (2014), which won the Best Cinematography at the Rio Film Festival.

In 2015, Larvego produced and directed the television series A Outra Margem, which was nominated for two Brazilian Academy Awards. She has also directed numerous documentaries, including A Vida dos Outros (2016), which earned her a nomination for Best Documentary at the International Documentary Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

Larvego is currently working on her third feature film, Quase Tudo, which is expected to premier in 2020. She is also an active member of the Brazilian Filmmakers Association and is a regular guest speaker at various film festivals.

Larvego has established herself as a prominent director in Brazil and is well-known for her ability to create compelling and emotionally resonant stories. Her films have been praised for their nuanced and nuanced approach to subjects such as youth, identity, and the human condition. Her work has earned her a number of awards and nominations, and she continues to be a respected filmmaker in Brazil and abroad.

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