Basile Mercado

Basile Mercado



Basile Mercado is a French director, writer, and producer with an impressive portfolio of films and television series spanning multiple genres and countries. Born in Paris in 1972, Mercado was a child actor who appeared in several films and television shows. He later studied film and literature at Paris VIII University and graduated in 1998.

Mercado’s career as a director began in 2005 with the short film “L’Enfant” (The Child), which was nominated for a César Award for Best Short Film. This was followed by the feature film “La Belle et la Meute” (The Beauty and the Pack) in 2006, which was also nominated for a César Award for Best First Feature Film.

Since then, Mercado has directed a wide variety of films and television shows, ranging from dramas and thrillers to comedies and documentaries. His films have been critically acclaimed, winning several awards such as the Prix Lumières, the Prix Jean Vigo, and the Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. He has also directed several international productions, including the French-American feature “La Baleine Blanche” (The White Whale) and the French-Italian film “La Chasse” (The Hunt).

In addition to his work as a director, Mercado has written several screenplays and is also a producer. He has produced numerous films and television series, including the French-Canadian series “La Femme dans la Ville” (The Woman in the City), the French-Israeli film “La Vie à Deux” (Life in Two), and the French-German television series “Kommen Sie mit nach Paris” (Come to Paris).

Throughout his career, Mercado has remained committed to telling meaningful and thought-provoking stories. His work has been praised for its cinematic artistry and its exploration of complex human emotions. His films and television series have been embraced by audiences and critics alike, cementing his status as one of France’s most exciting and talented directors.

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