Antoine Fontaine

Antoine Fontaine



Antoine Fontaine is a French director and producer known for his work in film, television, and music videos. He is best known for his work with acclaimed French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet on films like Amélie and A Very Long Engagement. Fontaine has also directed music videos for artists like M83, Phoenix, and Yelle.

Born in 1975 in Bordeaux, France, Fontaine developed an interest in filmmaking at an early age. He studied film at the University of Paris VIII, where he graduated in 2000. Following his graduation, he made several shorts and documentaries before being invited to join the crew of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film Amélie.

Fontaine's involvement with Amélie earned him widespread recognition and his first international accolades. He worked closely with Jeunet on the film's visuals and was praised for his creative contributions to the film's success. Following Amélie's release, Fontaine went on to work with Jeunet again on A Very Long Engagement, which earned him further recognition and awards.

Fontaine then went on to direct several music videos for French acts like M83, Phoenix, and Yelle. His work on these projects gained him further recognition and helped to establish his reputation as a talented music video director. He has also directed several short films, such as Foncier, which was nominated for the César Award for Best Short Film.

In recent years, Fontaine has also branched out into producing. He produced the 2016 French comedy-drama Séraphine, which was nominated for seven César Awards and won four, including Best Film and Best Director. He has also produced music videos for popular artists like The Weeknd and Calogero.

Fontaine's work has earned him numerous awards and critical acclaim. His directorial style has been praised for its creative use of visuals and storytelling, and his work has been highly influential in the French film industry. He continues to direct, produce, and make music videos, ensuring that his legacy as one of France's most talented filmmakers remains intact.

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