André Schäfer

André Schäfer

Director, Writer, Screenplay


André Schäfer is a German film and television director, best known for his work on popular crime-dramas such as Tatort and SOKO Leipzig. Born in Berlin in 1965, Schäfer graduated from the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg in 1990 and began his career directing television films for the ARD network.

Schäfer first gained national attention in 1995 for his debut feature-length film, Die Brücken am Fluss (The Bridges of the River), which explored the topic of skinheads and neo-Nazism in Germany. The film was nominated for several awards and went on to become a cult classic in the country.

Schäfer went on to direct several more feature films, including Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (The Warrior and the Empress) and Die Unberührbare (The Untouchable). These films were also well-received and further cemented Schäfer’s reputation as a talented filmmaker.

In 2000, Schäfer made his foray into television, directing the popular crime-drama Tatort. Over the next several years, he directed dozens of episodes of the show, as well as the spin-off series SOKO Leipzig. He also directed episodes of other popular series, such as Der letzte Zeuge and Der Alte.

In recent years, Schäfer has continued to work in television, directing episodes of the popular series Ein starkes Team and SOKO Köln. He also directed the television film Wir sind das Volk – Liebe kennt keine Grenzen (We Are the People – Love Knows No Borders), which was nominated for a Grimme Award.

Throughout his career, Schäfer has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including the Bavarian Film Award for Best Director and the German Television Award for Best Director. He continues to work in television and film, directing episodes of some of the most popular German crime-dramas.