Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Director, Producer, Director of photography, Editor, Writer


Amiel Courtin-Wilson is an Australian filmmaker and multi-disciplinary artist. He is best known for his highly acclaimed feature films and documentaries that often explore themes of family, trauma, addiction, and the pursuit of redemption.

Courtin-Wilson was born in Melbourne in 1977. As a child he showed an early interest in creativity, and wrote stories and drew comics. He studied theatre at university, before transitioning into film and television.

In 2006, Courtin-Wilson wrote and directed his first feature film, ‘Hail’, which won numerous awards and screened at numerous festivals around the world. The film follows a former gang member’s journey of redemption as he attempts to reconnect with his family and make amends for his past.

Since then, Courtin-Wilson has continued to create thought-provoking films and documentaries. His next feature film, ‘Cicada’, was released in 2013, and won the Best Feature Film award at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The film follows a woman struggling with addiction who embarks on a quest for redemption.

His next feature film, ‘Harmony’, was released in 2015. The film explores the complexities of family relationships through the story of a young girl and her grandmother. In the same year, Courtin-Wilson released his documentary ‘Chasing Asylum’, which was highly praised for its powerful and honest portrayal of the Australian asylum seeker experience.

In 2016, Courtin-Wilson released his feature film ‘The Embrace’, which follows a young couple as they attempt to rebuild their lives in the wake of tragedy. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Courtin-Wilson has also directed music videos, short films, and television series. He has won numerous awards and been widely praised for his unique and powerful storytelling.

Courtin-Wilson currently lives in Sydney and is working on his next feature film. He is also an advocate for raising awareness about mental health issues and stands in solidarity with the fight against racism and discrimination.