Alfonso Domingo

Alfonso Domingo



Alfonso Domingo (Turégano, Segovia, 1955),
journalist, writer and filmmaker, worked in the
written press, radio and television. Graduate
in information sciences and political sciences
(Ibero-American studies). Journalist
specialized in international information and
war reporter, as a documentary director he is
the author of fourteen series and half a dozen
feature films: in total more than one hundred
works, some of which have received double

Among his latest works, in 2006 he directed
La memoria recobrada, a five-part series, in
co-production with TVE, about historical
memory, with the collaboration of Pedro
Guerra, Manuel Rivas, Manuel Gutiérrez
Aragón, Luis Pastor and Juan Madrid). In
2009 he directed the series Sahel, Nuestra
Ribera (3x60´, Mali, Senegal and Burkina
Faso) and Under All Flags, Spanish in World
War II (TVE, Canal de la Historia, Argonauta
and TVG) (2x60´). In 2012 he co-directed We
slept, we woke up, about the 15-M
movement. In 2015 he co-directed Invisible
Heroes, African Americans in the Spanish

War. In 2016 he directed Melchor Rodríguez,
the red angel, awarded second prize in the
Imaginera competition of the Center for
Andalusian Studies.
In 2018 directed The liquid snake. In 2021 he
directed Cantata de la guerra civil, broadcast
on TVE (Wica NY 2022 festival award).

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