Alexsandra Andronova

Alexsandra Andronova



Alexsandra Andronova is a Russian film director and screenwriter. She was born in Moscow in 1985 and grew up in the city. She studied film directing at the Moscow School of Cinema and then went on to complete her post-graduation with a specialization in documentary film-making.

Andronova has worked in a variety of film genres, from drama to documentary. Her first feature film, “The Girl from the River” (2012) was a romantic drama about a young woman who returns to her home village to be reunited with her long lost love. It won multiple awards, including Best Screenplay at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Since then, Andronova has directed a number of films and documentaries, including “The Tale of the Lost Daughter” (2016) and “The Fearless” (2019). She has also served as a scriptwriter and producer for several films, including “The Betrayal” (2017) and “My Life at Home” (2020).

In addition to her work in film, Andronova has also directed theatre plays, including Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and Chekhov’s “The Seagull”. She has also written articles on film-making for various Russian magazines.

Andronova’s films have been praised for their poetic visuals, innovative story-telling and unique characters. She is known for her strong female characters and her ability to capture the complexities of the human condition.

Andronova has received numerous awards for her work, including the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival. She has also been nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film.

Andronova continues to strive to create meaningful films that touch people’s hearts. She is passionate about her art and strives to make films that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally powerful.

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