Alberto Iglesias

Alberto Iglesias

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Alberto Iglesias is a Spanish actor and director. He is best known for his roles in films such as The Skin I Live In, The Sea Inside, and The Good Thief. Born in 1966 in Madrid, Spain, Iglesias is the son of a radio host and a pianist.

Iglesias started his acting career in the late 1980s, appearing in several Spanish television series, as well as in the feature film, La Lola Se Va A Los Puertos. He then went on to star in a number of successful Spanish films, including The Sea Inside, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2005.

He has also directed a number of films, including The Good Thief, which was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Spanish Film in 2010. In addition to his acting and directing career, Iglesias has also appeared in a number of Spanish television series, including Bajo Sospecha, and El Internado.

In 2013, Iglesias won the Goya Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Skin I Live In. He has since gone on to star in several other Spanish films, including No Rest for the Wicked and The Bride.

In addition to his acting career, Iglesias is also a passionate advocate for animal rights, and supports a number of charities. He is also a vocal critic of the Spanish government's treatment of refugees, and has spoken out against the treatment of immigrants in Spain.

Alberto Iglesias is an extremely talented actor and director, whose work has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike. He is an advocate for animal rights, and a passionate supporter of a number of charitable causes. His career is an inspiration to many, and his commitment to his craft is admirable.

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