Three successful youtube documentaries

21 de gener de 2020

Old ones, new ones, but all of them are documentaries worth watching. These are the following three documentaries picked by the Guidedoc team that you can watch on YouTube, the platform that changed the way we use the internet and that is now regenerating itself with its own VOD platform that does not completely take off. 

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Life In A Day


In the best style of the buried time capsule, the loop of videos and the sounds sent to outer space on an errant artificial satellite, this project launched on youtube in 2010 was conceived as a compilation of videos made by users of the platform to show the essence of life on earth.

The videos were sent from all parts of the world and were edited by director Kevin Macdonald, who finally edited all the material in a documentary that was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.


The Beautiful Life Of Jefree Star


Shane Dawson had already a reputation as one of the most successful youtubers before launching The Beautiful World of Jefree Star, a new installment of his series that documents the intimacy of famous people.

This time Dawson gets involved in the world of Jefree Star, the famous and controversial singer, model and cosmetic entrepreneur. Only the trailer of this series had 5 million views in a few hours, thus announcing the success of the rest of the episodes.

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This is perhaps the largest original YouTube production to date. Composed of six episodes of between 5 and 6 minutes long each, this documentary series shows us communities around the world that use Google technology products to improve their lives. Undoubtedly a great project to promote the work of this computer giant through the video platform with more subscribers in the world.


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