Three of the best, and safety pins, docs about crimes

15 de desembre de 2015

Paradise Lost by Joe Berlinger (2011)



A masterpiece. Paradise Lost is a best drama documentary that becomes a deep judicial investigation regarding the arrest of three teenagers convicted of killing three young people in Arkansas. After spending 20 years in prison new evidence appears which could result in their innocence.


Deliver Us from Evil by Amy Berg (2006)



Controversial documentary (nominated for an Oscar) centered on the father Oliver O´Grady an active pedophile, thanks to the conscious concealment of the church hierarchy, he was able to abuse several children over the years. Deliver Us from Evil lasts 101 minutes, and that will be the time your hair will stand on end.


Dear Zachary by Kurt Kuenne



It is best crime documentary film, tells the story of Andrew Bagby, a doctor murdered shortly after breaking up with his girlfriend. Days after the funeral, she announced that she was pregnant and one of Bagby´s friends, Kurt Kuenne, begins this film as a gift for the child. A fascinating look at the human remains left by a single act of violence. If you are one of those people who weep easily, with this you will cry your eyes out.

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