Three curious food documentaries to watch online

May 24, 2019

A family recipe in a small rural town in Myanmar, the restaurants of a famous culinary street in Toronto and a global research on the implications of food on our health.

Guidedoc presents these food stories in the following three curious documentaries that will make your appetite bubble.

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The World In Ten Blocks



In the city of Toronto there is a picturesque neighborhood famous for concentrating an incomparable mixture of flavors within a radius of only ten blocks.

The World In Ten Blocks delves into the true protagonist of the Bloocourt neighborhood, small entrepreneurs that tell us how they left their countries of origin to give access to the inhabitants and tourists in Toronto to the flavors of their lands in their restaurants.

Structured in seven thematic chapters, this short documentary film reveals engaging stories of detachment, hope and improvement. Mexico, Colombia, Portugal and Jamaica, seen from afar, feel like endearing territories full of family stories, but for these brave entrepreneurs Canada feels more and more like home.

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Sugar and Spice


This simple yet beautiful documentary takes us to a small village in rural Myanmar. The young filmmaker films the daily life of her parents, who make a living out of making homemade sweets from toddy palm trees.

In the film we see all the implications that there are in the manufacture of the sweet, from the risk of climbing the tall palms to get the fruit, going through the cooking processes until the sale of the small sweet balls in the nearest market.

The film pays tribute to a family rite and to the manual labor of so many people around the world who put their talent in the kitchen to feed their families.

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What the Health



After watching this documentary, you will always be worried about what the portion of food you are about to eat could do to your body.

Through an educational narrative, What The Health focuses on revealing the effects of the intake of meats and milk products on our health.

While the film has some flaws in the scientific justification of its undeniable pro vegetarians allegations, the film makes an important contribution denouncing the large pharmaceutical industry whose business is the maintenance of certain dietary patterns in society to continue generating the diseases that generate its revenues.

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