• 7 10
  • 2015
  • 72min
  • Original Title: Next

The documentary feature explores the world of girls and teenagers on their path to become successful actresses in the Hollywood industry.

AWARDS: Jury Special Award. Malaga Film Festival 

Next. The girls after the Hollywood's dream

A hotel room in California, a dance classroom or a piano lesson in a quiet house, all of the above are convenient spaces for girls and teenagers to take on an arduous preparation for a long-awaited casting.

The goal is as simple as it is chimerical: to be a Hollywood star. We see them through the curious and imperfect shots of director Elia Urkiza, who serves as a sensitive voyeur of the puerile faces of those who dream of being a movie actress.

In addition to capturing the humanity of the little aspirants, their efforts and the sacrifices of their progenitors to achieve such goal, the film unveils the talent-building economy that feeds on California's entertainment industry.


Elia Urkiza
Elia Urkiza Director

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La Panda Producciones

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