Letter To My Mother

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  • 2021
  • 19min
Letter To My Mother
  • Original Title: Letter To My Mother

Almost twenty years after appearing as a young boy in "Ten", the famous Abbas Kiarostami's film, Amina is now a transgender woman. In this video-letter to her mother, she tells all her secrets.

Letter To My Mother

AWARDS: Winner. Impact Doc Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Shorts Mexico/ Venice Intercultural Film Festival/ Evolution Mallorca Film Festival/ Indie Memphis/ Glascow Short Film Festival/ Humano Film Festival/ Asian Cinematography Awards 

Letter To My Mother. My secrets, my body

In 2002, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami released "Ten", a documentary that followed the daily life of a Tehran taxi driver and his various passengers. The film was lauded for its simple yet effective storytelling, which gave audiences a rare glimpse into the lives of everyday Iranians. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when the driver picks up a young boy, who talks his ear off during the ride. 

Now, eighteen years after "Ten" was released, this "boy" is now a woman, Amina. She makes this autobiographical documentary about her life as a transgender woman in Iran. Conceived as a letter to her mother, Amina has no limits in telling her most intimate secrets. 

Amina Maher
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