Zoe Rossion

Zoe Rossion



Zoe Rossion is an accomplished and award-winning director, writer, and producer who has worked in both film and television. She has directed over two dozen projects, including several feature films, television series, and short films.

Born in New York City, Rossion was raised in a creative household; her father was a painter and her mother was a sculptor. From an early age, she was exposed to the arts and found her passion for film. She attended the School of Visual Arts and received her degree in Film and Television.

Rossion has directed a variety of films and television series, including the feature film "Shelter Me" and the television series "The Fosters". Her work has won several awards, including an Emmy nomination for her direction on "The Fosters" and a Tribeca Film Festival Award for her direction on "Shelter Me".

Rossion's films and television series often explore themes of identity, family, and the human experience, with a focus on strong female characters. She is passionate about telling stories that are universal and relevant to all audiences.

Rossion is also committed to creating films and television series that are diverse in terms of race, gender, and sexuality. She is a champion for inclusion in the media and works to ensure that all voices are heard.

In addition to her directing work, Rossion is also a mentor to young filmmakers. She has taught at numerous film schools, and she has been a guest speaker at many film festivals. She is passionate about empowering the next generation of filmmakers to tell their stories.

Rossion continues to direct and produce films and television series. She is committed to creating meaningful and powerful stories that resonate with all audiences. Her work is inspiring and a testament to her dedication and creativity.

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