Willie Ebersol

Willie Ebersol



Willie Ebersol is an American television executive and producer. He is the son of the late NBC Sports executive and television producer, Dick Ebersol. Willie has two brothers, including Charlie Ebersol, who is also in the television business.

Willie began his career in television in 1989 working in the promotions department of NBC Sports. He went on to become a producer for NBC, and in 1995 was named the head of Saturday Night Live. Willie was the youngest executive producer in the show's history, and he was responsible for booking some of the most popular comedians of the time. He also brought in musical guests like the Beastie Boys and The Fugees.

Willie left Saturday Night Live in 1998 and went on to become the Vice President of NBC Sports. In 2003, he was promoted to Executive Vice President, and was later promoted to President in 2004. During his tenure, NBC Sports acquired the rights to broadcast the Olympics from 2004 to 2012, and Willie was responsible for the production of the network’s Olympic coverage.

In 2007, Willie left NBC Sports and joined NBC Universal as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Universal Sports Network. Under his leadership, Universal Sports Network became the exclusive broadcaster of the Pan American Games, the World Triathlon Series, the Grand Prix Figure Skating Series, and numerous other international sporting events.

Willie left Universal Sports Network in 2011 to become the co-creator and executive producer of the USA Network show “The Moment.” He also produced the NBC show “The Winner Is,” which aired in 2013. Willie is currently serving as a consultant to NBC Sports.

Willie has been recognized for his accomplishments in television. In 2009, he was honored with the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Live Sports Series for his work on the Beijing Olympics. He also received the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Personality in 2011.

Willie Ebersol has made an impact in the television industry with his innovative ideas and commitment to quality programming. He has been successful in a variety of roles, from producer to executive, and is a respected leader in the business.

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