Wang Yan Peng

Wang Yan Peng



Wang Yan Peng is a Chinese film and television director, best known for his work on the Chinese drama series Secret of the Three Kingdoms, which made him the youngest director in China.

Born in Beijing in 1977, Wang began his film career in his early twenties, after graduating from the Beijing Film Academy in 1999. He started out as an assistant director for the film War and Peace, and then worked as a director on several short films.

In 2006, Wang made his feature film debut with the critically acclaimed war drama The War of the Three Kingdoms, which was nominated for several awards, including the Golden Rooster Award and the Hundred Flowers Award. The film was also selected for the Venice International Film Festival in 2007.

After the success of his first feature film, Wang continued to direct a variety of projects, including the television series Secret of the Three Kingdoms and the film The Blue Bird.

In 2013, Wang directed the highly successful romantic drama series Legend of Lu Zhen, which was an immense success in both China and abroad. The show starred Yang Mi and Wallace Huo, and won several awards, including the Best Director award from the Golden Rooster Awards.

In 2015, Wang directed the action-comedy film Kung Fu Yoga, which starred Jackie Chan and was a huge success in China and around the world. The film grossed over US$250 million worldwide and established Wang as a major director in the Chinese film industry.

Wang Yan Peng has been a major force in the Chinese film industry for over a decade, and he continues to make waves with his daring and innovative projects. His films have won numerous awards, and he is loved and respected by fans around the world. He is a true pioneer of Chinese cinema.

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