Tito Román Rivera

Tito Román Rivera

Actor, Director, Producer


Tito Román Rivera is a renowned film and television director known for his critically acclaimed work in the genres of comedy, drama, and action. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tito is the son of the late actor and comedian Tito Román and the late television producer and writer Carmen Rivera.

Tito began his career in the film industry at a young age, working as an assistant director for various television shows and films. He worked his way up, eventually directing his first feature film, "Callejón Sin Salida", in 1996. The film was a critical success, earning him numerous awards and recognition.

Tito then went on to direct several more films and television series, including the action-packed "El Búfalo de la Noche" (2003) and the romantic comedy "Un Amor de Verano" (2006). He also directed the widely acclaimed "Ana y los 7" (2007), which earned him an International Emmy Award.

Tito's most recent directorial work includes the television series "La Casa de las Flores" (2018), which won him a nomination for Best Director at the 2019 Emmy Awards. His upcoming projects include the films "La Leyenda de los Indios" (2020) and "La Leyenda del Pescador" (2020), as well as the television series "La Vida de los Reyes" (2021).

Tito has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Will Smith, Penelope Cruz, and Eva Longoria. He has also been recognized with numerous awards, including a Goya Award and a Gold Medal at the Academy Awards.

Tito is a passionate filmmaker who has dedicated his life to telling stories that explore the human experience. Through his films and television series, he has been able to share his unique cultural perspective with audiences around the world. He continues to work on new projects and is sure to surprise us with his creative vision for years to come.

Place of birth

Río Piedras, Puerto Rico