Timothy Alberino

Timothy Alberino

Actor, Director


Timothy Alberino is an American writer, director, and producer. He is best known for his work producing and directing documentary films about the paranormal, ancient civilizations, and secret societies.

Alberino began his career in the entertainment industry in 2002 as a producer and editor for a faith-based television network. He then moved on to work with various independent film projects, including a short film that he wrote and directed entitled "The Shadow Within."

In 2006, Alberino co-founded the independent production company GenSix Productions. Through the company, he has produced and directed several feature-length documentaries, including "The Suppressed History of America," "The Great Inception," and "The Genesis 6 Conspiracy." These films explore the hidden history of ancient civilizations, secret societies, and paranormal phenomena.

Alberino has also become known for his in-depth exploration of the mysteries surrounding the biblical account of Noah's Flood. In his book, "Noah's Flood: A Journey Through History," Alberino uses both ancient and modern sources to unearth the truth behind the ancient account.

In addition to his documentary work, Alberino is also an avid explorer and traveler. He has traveled to more than 20 countries, from Egypt to Peru, and has visited some of the world’s most mysterious and remote locations.

Alberino’s work has been featured on television networks such as the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the National Geographic Channel. He has also been interviewed and featured in various magazines, newspapers, and radio programs.

Alberino is currently based in Florida. He continues to produce and direct documentary films, as well as lecture and write about the mysteries of the ancient world. He is also currently developing a feature-length fiction film, which he hopes to release in the near future.

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