Tassos Morfis

Tassos Morfis



Tassos Morfis is a Greek film director and screenwriter born in 1971. He has been making films since the early 1990s and has been involved in more than 20 feature films and documentaries.

Morfis was born in Athens, Greece and attended the Athens School of Fine Arts where he studied film and television. He soon found himself directing music videos for Greek bands, which led to his first feature film in 1994. That film, One of a Kind, was nominated for the Greek Film Critics Association Award.

Morfis has continued to work in Greek cinema, directing films such as The Open Door (1998), The Path of Righteousness (2004), and The Dark Side of the Sun (2007). He has also worked extensively on documentaries, including The Dangers of Freedom (2009) and The Unforgettable (2013).

Morfis is known for his unique visual style and for his ability to tell stories in an emotionally charged way. He often uses long takes and slow motion to create tension and suspense. His films have won numerous awards, including the Best Director Award at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival for The Path of Righteousness and the Best Feature Film Award at the 2014 Hellenic Film Academy Awards for The Dark Side of the Sun.

In addition to filmmaking, Morfis has also written several books on film theory. He has taught film courses at the University of Athens and the National Academy of Film and Theatre.

Morfis continues to work in Greek cinema today, and his latest film, The Other Side of the Sun, is due to be released in 2020. He is a highly respected filmmaker who has made an indelible mark on Greek cinema.

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