Suncica Ana Veldic

Suncica Ana Veldic



Suncica Ana Veldic is a Croatian film director, writer and producer. She was born in 1975 in Zagreb, Croatia, where she still lives and works. She studied film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and has since directed several feature, documentary, and short films.

Veldic’s feature films include ‘My Grandpa is an Alien’ (2008), a science fiction comedy about a young girl who discovers her grandfather is an alien, and ‘Midwinter’s Night’ (2010), a drama about a young woman and her struggle to live with her family in a small Croatian town. Both films won several awards at international film festivals.

In 2016, Veldic directed her first feature documentary, ‘Unwinding’, which follows the life of a woman living in rural Croatia as she tries to come to terms with the past. The film won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize for Best Feature Documentary at the 2017 Zagreb Film Festival.

Veldic’s most recent feature film is ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ (2018), an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel. The film follows an old fisherman, Pana, as he attempts to catch the biggest fish of his life. It premiered at the 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival where it won the Best Actor and Best Actress Awards.

Veldic has also directed several short films and television projects, including ‘The Best Day of My Life’ (2011), which was selected for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, and ‘A Love Story’ (2015), which won the Best Short Film Award at the 2016 Zagreb Film Festival.

Veldic’s work has been praised for its strong visual style and for its sensitive portrayal of characters. She has been praised for her ability to capture the essence of her characters and their stories, and for her ability to bring the Croatian landscape and culture to life on screen.

Veldic has dedicated her career to creating films that tell stories that are unique to her culture, and to creating films that inspire and move her audiences. Her films have been shown at festivals around the world and have won numerous awards. She is one of the brightest stars in Croatian cinema today.

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