Sonia Poussin

Sonia Poussin

Actor, Director


Sonia Poussin is a French director and screenwriter. She is known for her work in film and television, often focusing on social issues. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the César Award for Best Director.

Born in Paris in 1969, Poussin began her career as a film editor. She was accepted into the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma in 1992. She then became a director, first making short films before moving onto feature-length projects.

Poussin's debut feature film, “La Petite Lumière”, was released in 2000. The film deals with the themes of love and loss and was well-received by critics. It was nominated for the César Award for Best Film.

In 2006, she released her second feature film, “Des Femmes et des Enfants”. The film tells the story of a group of women in France who are struggling to deal with the aftermath of a tragic event. The film was well-received and earned Poussin the César Award for Best Director.

Poussin has also worked extensively in television. Her credits include directing episodes of the series “Plus Belle La Vie” and “Le Grand Journal”. She also directed the television movie “L'Appartement”, which was nominated for the International Emmy Award for Best Film.

In addition to her work in film and television, Poussin is also active in the theater. She has directed several plays, including “La Nuit des Ténèbres” and “Le Bal des Loups”.

Poussin is a talented director who has earned numerous awards for her work. She is known for tackling complex social issues in her films and for bringing out the best in her actors. Her work has been praised for its subtlety and sensitivity.

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