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Scott Squire



Scott Squire is an American film director, cinematographer, and editor. He is best known for his work on the feature films "The Last Exorcism" (2010), "The Sacrament" (2013), and "The Green Inferno" (2013).

Squire was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the small town of Needles, California. He attended the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, where he studied cinematography and editing. After graduating, he began his career as a director of photography, shooting commercials and music videos for various artists.

In 2008, Squire made his feature film debut, directing the horror film "The Last Exorcism". The film received positive reviews and grossed over $67 million worldwide. This success led to Squire being asked to direct Ti West's follow-up film, "The Sacrament" (2013). The film, which stars Joe Swanberg and AJ Bowen, follows two journalists as they investigate a remote religious cult. The film was a critical success and has since become a cult classic.

In 2013, Squire directed the horror film "The Green Inferno". The film stars Lorenza Izzo and Ariel Levy and follows a group of student activists who travel to the Amazon rainforest to save it from destruction. The film was released to mixed reviews but has since become a cult favorite.

In addition to his work in films, Squire has also directed numerous commercials and music videos. He has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars. He is currently in development on his next feature film, which is set to be a horror-thriller.

Scott Squire is an accomplished filmmaker who has made a name for himself as a director of both feature films and commercials. His work has been praised for its emotional depth, atmospheric cinematography, and dark visual style. He is an important figure in the horror genre, and his films are sure to be remembered for years to come.

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