Robert Millis

Robert Millis

Camera Operator, Editor, Director, Script


Robert Millis is an American filmmaker, music producer, and sound artist from Seattle, Washington. He is the co-founder of the record label Sublime Frequencies, which releases music from around the world, and the founder of the film production company RFM Productions.

Millis was born in Seattle and grew up in the suburbs of Seattle. He attended the Cornish College of the Arts, where he studied film and video production. After college, he worked in the music industry, producing music for many bands and artists, including Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

In 2001, Millis founded Sublime Frequencies, a record label that specializes in releasing music from around the world, such as Turkish, Arabic, and African music. The label has released over 160 albums, and has become a pioneering force in the world music scene.

In 2008, Millis founded RFM Productions, a film production company that produces documentaries, music videos, and narrative films. His films have premiered at festivals around the world, including the Raindance Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival.

Millis has also worked as a sound artist, creating immersive soundscapes from field recordings and found sounds. His work has been featured in galleries and museums around the world, and he has collaborated with other artists on installations and performances.

Millis is an advocate for independent artists and filmmakers, and has spoken at various industry events. He is passionate about creating a platform for independent artists to share their work, and to create opportunities for collaboration and growth.

A tireless creative, Millis is an inspiring figure in the independent filmmaking and music worlds. From his work on Sublime Frequencies to his sound art installations, Millis’s commitment to promoting unique voices and cultures has made him an influential figure in the independent music and film scenes.