Robbe De Hert

Robbe De Hert



Robbe De Hert is a Belgian film director, screenwriter, and producer. Born in Antwerp in 1947, De Hert began his career as an assistant director on television productions in the 1970s. He then worked his way up the ranks, eventually becoming the director of his own feature films.

De Hert has directed more than seventy films in a career spanning over four decades. He has been nominated for numerous awards, including two Silver Bears at the Berlin International Film Festival for his films The Sergeant (1981) and The Vanishing (1988). He has also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his film The Vanishing.

De Hert is best known for his films that combine comedy and drama, often featuring strong social commentary. His films often focus on the lives of the working class, exploring themes of identity, class, and gender. His films have a unique visual style, often using naturalistic lighting and camera angles.

De Hert has also directed a number of television series and miniseries, including the popular crime drama series Salto Mortale (1989) and the historical drama series The Olden Days (1991). He has also directed numerous documentaries, including a series about the history of Flemish cinema.

De Hert has received numerous honors throughout his career, including the Order of the British Empire in 2002 for his contributions to the British film industry. He is also a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts.

De Hert continues to work in the film industry today, having recently directed the feature film A Perfect Match (2019). He is also a professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Antwerp, where he teaches directing.

Robbe De Hert is an important figure in the history of Belgian cinema, having directed numerous acclaimed films and television series over the course of his career. He is known for his unique visual style and his exploration of social issues through his films.

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