Persheng Vaziri was born in Tehran and has been a filmmaker since 1996.
She also produces, teaches, and writes about documentaries.

Her films focus on Iran and Iraq were made independently or commissioned by KCET/Link TV, the National Geographic’s All Roads Project, and Deep Dish TV. She produced Link TV’s Bridge to Iran series that showcased documentaries from Iran and Deep Dish’s award-winning Shocking and Awful television series that covered the US invasion of Iraq. She holds an M.A. in cinema studies from New York University and a Ph.D. in media and communication from Temple University and has taught at Penn State University.
Her personal documentaries are about Iran and her deep relationship to the country she left as a young person, the upheavals of revolution, the Iran-Iraq war, the Kurdistan region, and years of difficult history with the US. Her films have shown widely in museums, art houses, festivals, universities and on television. They include Road to Kurdistan, 2012; Cinema Encounters in Tehran, 2009; Women Like Us, 2002; A Place Called Home, 1998; Far From Iran, 1990. They are distributed by Women Make Movies, Arab Films, and

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