Orlando Senna

Orlando Senna

Actor, Screenplay, Director


Orlando Senna is a Brazilian film director, producer and screenwriter. He is known for his work in the independent film industry, and for his unique visual style.

Senna was born in Brazil, in the city of Salvador. He studied Cinema at the Federal University of Bahia, and then moved to São Paulo to pursue his career in the film industry. He began working as an assistant director in the early 2000s, and soon developed a reputation for his unique visual style.

In 2008, Senna made his directorial debut with the feature film “Cinema, Aspirin and Vultures”. The film was a critical success, and it was shown at numerous film festivals around the world. It received several awards, including Best Feature Film at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

Since then, Senna has gone on to direct several more feature films, such as “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” and “The Violin Teacher”. He has also directed several documentaries, including “The Kingdom of Heaven” and “The Battle of the Alamo”.

Senna’s films are known for their unique visual style, which combines traditional filmmaking techniques with modern technology. He has been praised for his use of natural light, his creative camera angles, and his ability to capture the atmosphere of a scene. He is also known for his attention to detail, and his ability to craft stories that are both visually appealing and emotionally resonant.

In addition to his feature films, Senna has also directed numerous commercials, music videos, and short films. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Guillermo del Toro, Steven Soderbergh, and Alfonso Cuarón.

Throughout his career, Senna has won numerous awards and accolades, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Director for his work on “The Violin Teacher”. He is widely respected for his unique vision and his dedication to the craft of filmmaking.

Today, Senna continues to produce and direct films, and he is considered one of the most influential filmmakers in Brazil. His work has inspired a new generation of filmmakers, and he is a true master of his craft.