Omar Soffici

Omar Soffici




Soffici is an Italian writer, director, producer and musician. He is known for

the multi-awarded feature film Across the River by Lorenzo Bianchini, An

Anarchist life by Ivan Bormann and Fabio Toich, Munich Clock by Mauro Caputo,

Many beautiful things by Aurelio Gambadoro, A night with friends by Daniele

Trani, Endless by Lucilla Mininno and more. He's author and director of several

music video and he has written, directed and painted the work "Sonya"

in the field of video art. He published, under the name of El Nero, several

music works in the latest years and, in the literary field, his poems have been

published in several collections.


July 10, 1979

Place of birth

Trieste, Italy

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