Michael Chanan

Michael Chanan

Actor, Director


Michael Chanan is a British filmmaker, writer and professor of film and video. He is best known for his documentary films, which explore the concept of globalization and what it means for the people of the world.

Born in 1947, Chanan grew up in London and attended the University of Oxford, where he studied philosophy, politics and economics. He then went on to the London Film School, where he completed an MA in Film and Television Studies. While at the school he worked on documentary films, which were often shown at film festivals around the world.

After graduating, Chanan became a freelance director and producer, making films for television, music videos and commercials. He also wrote several books about film and video production, including ‘Making Documentary Films and Videos’ and ‘The Politics of Documentary’.

In 1992, Chanan began teaching film and video production at the University of Westminster, where he is currently a professor. He has also served as a visiting professor at the University of the West Indies and the University of the Arts London.

Throughout his career, Chanan has directed several award-winning documentaries. In 1999, he released ‘The Memory of Justice’, which explored the role of international law in creating a more equitable world order. His 2004 film ‘Reel Bad Arabs’ examined the portrayal of Arabs in Hollywood films. He has also directed documentaries about the music industry, globalization and the environment.

Chanan has also been active in the political arena, serving as a senior advisor to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He is a member of the Council of Europe’s Expert Committee on the Media and a former chairman of the British Film Institute’s Ethics Advisory Committee.

Michael Chanan is an acclaimed filmmaker and professor whose work has been shown around the world. He has explored the complexities of globalization and the power of media in creating a more equitable world. His dedication to his craft continues to inspire filmmakers and audiences alike.

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