Mazen al Khayrat

Mazen al Khayrat

Director, Writer, Editor


Mazen Al Khayrat is a Syrian director, writer, and producer. He was born in Damascus, Syria in 1964. He graduated from Damascus University in 1988 with a degree in Media and Communications.

He started his career in 1991 as a director of short films. In 1993 he directed his first feature film, “The House of Silence”. The film was a great success, and it was shown in many international festivals. He received several awards for his work, including the Grand Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival.

In 1999, Mazen directed his second feature film, “Letters from the Sea”. The film was praised for its poetic portrayal of the Syrian landscape and its subtle exploration of life in a Syrian village. It won the Best Feature Film award at the Cairo International Film Festival.

Mazen’s third feature film, “Damascus Girl” (2006) was a major success. It was selected as the Syrian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards. The film was also nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

Mazen has been involved in several other projects, including documentaries, television series, and music videos. He has also directed several short films and commercials.

Mazen’s films have been praised for their thoughtful and sensitive portrayals of the Syrian people and culture. He has been called “one of the leading lights of contemporary Syrian cinema”.

Mazen is a dedicated filmmaker and he is committed to making meaningful films. He believes in the power of cinema to tell stories, and to inspire people. He is a strong advocate for freedom of expression and he continues to make films that challenge the status quo. Mazen Al Khayrat is an important figure in the Syrian film industry and a great filmmaker.