Matt Sweetwood

Matt Sweetwood

Director, Writer


Matthew Sweetwood is an acclaimed American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in San Francisco in 1975, Sweetwood grew up in a creative and artistic family and developed a passion for filmmaking at an early age. He began making short films and videos as a teenager and eventually enrolled at the renowned American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles in 1995.

At the AFI, Sweetwood honed his craft and developed a signature style of directing that blended elements of drama, comedy, and suspense. He graduated from the program in 1999 and immediately began working as a freelance director and producer. Over the next few years, Sweetwood directed commercials, music videos, and short films that were featured at numerous film festivals. His work earned him two Emmy nominations and a Directors Guild of America nomination.

Sweetwood’s big break came in 2003 when he was hired to direct his first feature film, “A Thousand Miles Away.” The film, which starred Jennifer Aniston and Paul Walker, was a critical and commercial success and established Sweetwood as one of Hollywood’s most promising young directors.

Since then, Sweetwood has gone on to direct and produce a number of well-received feature films. His most successful film to date is the 2006 horror-thriller “Nightmare on Elm Street,” which grossed over $100 million worldwide. He has also directed several other popular films, including “The Last Witch Hunter” (2015), “The Shack” (2017), and “The King” (2019).

In addition to his film work, Sweetwood has also directed television series for a number of networks including HBO, Showtime, and the CW. He is currently working on a new series for Netflix.

Matthew Sweetwood is a highly acclaimed and sought-after director who has earned numerous awards and nominations for his work. His signature style and ability to blend drama, comedy, and suspense has made him one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers.

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