Mary Zournazi

Mary Zournazi



Mary Zournazi is an Australian filmmaker, director, writer, and producer. She is best known for her documentary films, which have been featured in numerous festivals and have earned her numerous awards. She is also a professor at the University of Technology Sydney, where she teaches film and media studies.

Mary was born in Melbourne, Australia, and grew up in a working-class Greek-Australian family. She attended the University of Melbourne, where she studied film and media and received her bachelor's degree in 1984. She then moved to London to pursue a career in filmmaking and worked as an assistant director and producer for several independent films.

Mary quickly established herself as a talented director. Her first feature-length documentary, ‘Out of the Blue’ (1996), explored the cultural identity of Greek-Australians and was warmly received by audiences and critics. She followed this success with ‘The Silent Wave’ (1998), which documented the lives of two young Aboriginal sisters living in a remote part of Australia.

In 2001, Mary wrote and directed her first feature film, ‘In the Garden of Eden’. The film was critically acclaimed and won numerous awards, including Best Feature at the Sydney Film Festival. Mary's next feature film, ‘The Edge of Heaven’ (2005), was also well received and earned her a nomination for Best Director at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

In addition to her filmmaking career, Mary has also written several books, including ‘The Imaginary Lives of Others’ (2008) and ‘The Imaginary Revolution’ (2012). She has also edited numerous collections of essays, including ‘Women in Media: Global Perspectives’ (2009) and ‘The Politics of Representation’ (2012).

Mary Zournazi is an incredibly talented and versatile director. She is a passionate advocate for underrepresented voices in film and media, and her work has been instrumental in promoting greater visibility for women and minority groups. Her films and books are a testament to her commitment to social justice, and her inspiring work continues to be celebrated both at home and abroad.

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