Martha Holmes

Martha Holmes

Actor, Director, Writer


Martha Holmes was a pioneering British photographer, director, and editor. She was born in London in 1923 and began her career as a photojournalist for Picture Post magazine. She was known for her vivid and candid portraits of celebrities and everyday people, as well as for her work in documentary films and television.

Holmes had an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. Her photography was seen in publications such as Illustrated London News, Life Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar. She was also a regular contributor to BBC television and radio.

In the 1950s, Holmes began to transition into the world of film and television. She directed her first documentary, “The London Scene”, for the BBC in 1954. The film was a critical success, and she went on to direct a number of other documentaries, often focusing on the lives of everyday people.

Her career as a director and editor took off in the late 1950s. She worked on a number of award-winning feature films, including the 1965 classic “The Wrong Box” and the 1967 classic “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. In 1971, Holmes was the first woman to direct a feature film for the BBC, “A Family at War”.

Holmes was also a passionate advocate for women in the film industry. She was a founding member of the British Society of Women Film Directors and was the first woman to be appointed to the Directors Guild of Great Britain in 1975. She was also a mentor to many aspiring filmmakers.

Throughout her career, Holmes was recognized for her contributions to film and television. In 1976, she was awarded the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for Outstanding Contribution to Craft. She was also the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the British Society of Cinematographers in 2000.

Martha Holmes was a pioneering filmmaker who helped pave the way for female filmmakers. Her work was innovative, bold, and forward-thinking. Her influence can still be seen today in the work of modern filmmakers.

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