Márcio Laranjeira

Márcio Laranjeira



Márcio Laranjeira is a Brazilian director, producer and screenwriter. He is best known for his work on the acclaimed Brazilian television series "The Clone" and the feature film "The Hidden Face".

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1966, Márcio began his career as an assistant director and production assistant for several films in the mid-1980s. He then began writing scripts for television, and in 1993, he directed his first feature film, "A Noite das Mulheres" (The Night of the Women). The film was a success and launched Márcio's career as a director.

In 2000, Márcio created and directed the Brazilian TV series "The Clone", which was a huge success and ran for six seasons. The series was a science fiction drama about a group of scientists trying to create the perfect clone. It was highly praised for its unique approach to the genre and garnered Márcio several awards, including two International Emmy Awards.

In 2011, Márcio wrote and directed the feature film "The Hidden Face", a thriller about a man searching for his missing wife. The film was a critical and commercial success and was nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe.

In 2013, Márcio wrote, directed and produced the feature film "My Best Enemy", a drama about a former couple who reunite after seven years and must confront the secrets of the past. The film was a success and won several awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Film.

In recent years, Márcio has continued to work in television, directing episodes of the hit series "Empire" and "Empires of the Deep". He is also currently working on several film projects, including the upcoming feature film "The Queen's Gambit".

Márcio Laranjeira is one of the most acclaimed directors in Brazil and has established himself as a master of the thriller and science fiction genres. He is renowned for his visual style and unique approach to storytelling, and his work continues to be highly praised by critics and audiences alike.

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