Marcelo Raimon

Marcelo Raimon

Director, Script


Marcelo Raimon is a renowned Brazilian film director, producer, and screenwriter. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo has been directing feature films since the late 1990s. He is best known for his unique blend of comedy, drama, and thriller genres, which have earned him several international awards and nominations.

Marcelo began his career in the film industry as an assistant director for the film, “Cândido Estrada” (1996). His first feature film was the drama, “Rio de Janeiro, Uma História” (1997), which was nominated for five awards at the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival. The success of this film propelled him to direct other films.

His subsequent films, “Amor e Outras Coisas” (2000) and “O Vôo das Águias” (2001) were both nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. In 2003, he directed “Quarto de Despejo”, a film based on the life of a Brazilian slum-dweller. It was praised for its realism and won the Best Film Award at the Montreal World Film Festival. The following year, he directed “O Cavaleiro das Trevas”, a film about a man confronting the ghosts of his past.

In 2006, Marcelo received widespread acclaim for his film “O Ano em que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias”, a coming-of-age drama about a young boy who finds solace in his imagination during a difficult period in his life. The film was nominated for three awards, including the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The following year, he directed “Baile Perfumado”, a musical drama about a young man who finds his place among a group of musicians in the small town of Salvador. The film was nominated for numerous awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.

In his latest feature film, “O Homem do Sputnik” (2011), Marcelo has created a suspenseful thriller about a man who discovers a mysterious object in his backyard and is drawn into a web of secrets and lies. The film was nominated for several awards, including the Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

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