Madu Dube

Madu Dube



Madu Dube is a South African director, producer, and screenwriter best known for his work in television and films. He has directed some of South Africa’s most popular television series and films, including Isibaya, The Wild, and The Forgotten Kingdom.

Dube was born in Durban, South Africa in 1965. He studied film at the University of Natal, where he received his master’s degree in Film and Television. After graduating, he worked his way up the ranks as an assistant director, eventually becoming a director himself. He has directed feature films, television series, and short films. He has also been involved in numerous television commercials and music videos.

Dube’s career has been highlighted by his work on Isibaya, a South African soap opera. He has been the show’s director since its debut in 2013. Isibaya has been praised for its powerful storytelling, unique characters, and timely themes. Dube has also directed a number of feature films, including The Forgotten Kingdom (2014), which won him Best South African Feature Film at the Durban International Film Festival.

Dube’s other credits include The Wild (2015), which won the Audience Award at the Durban International Film Festival, and the television series Jozi-H (2017). His work has been recognized by the South African Film and Television Awards, where he has been nominated for Best Director, Best Feature Film, and Best TV Series.

Dube is passionate about telling stories that reflect the African experience. He believes in the power of film to create meaningful and lasting change. He is a mentor to young filmmakers in South Africa and is an advocate for the use of film as a tool for social and political transformation.

Dube continues to work in the film industry, writing and producing projects that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. He is an important voice in South African cinema and is committed to telling stories that are both honest and powerful.

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