Ma Min-ji

Ma Min-ji



Ma Min-ji is a South Korean film director, screenwriter, and actor. She has been active in the South Korean film industry since the early 2000s, with her first directorial feature being the 2004 romantic comedy Love Is a Crazy Thing. Since then, she has made a number of critically acclaimed films, including the psychological thriller Mother Is Watching (2008), the fantasy drama A Midsummer’s Fantasia (2009), and the time-travel comedy My Love, My Bride (2014). In addition to her directing work, Ma has also appeared as an actor in several films, most notably in the romantic comedy My Sassy Girl (2001).

Ma Min-ji was born in 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. She attended Yonsei University, where she received a degree in film studies. After graduating, she began her career as a film director, starting off with a series of short films. Her first feature length film, Love Is a Crazy Thing, was released in 2004 to critical acclaim. The film follows a young couple, played by Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Ha-neul, as they fall in love amidst a chaotic world of crime and violence.

Ma followed up her debut feature with the psychological thriller Mother Is Watching in 2008. The film, which stars Park Hae-il and Kim Ok-bin, tells the story of a man who is haunted by his mother’s ghost after her death. The film was a hit with audiences and critics alike, and received several awards, including the Grand Bell Award for Best Picture.

In 2009, Ma released A Midsummer’s Fantasia, a fantasy drama starring Kim Tae-hee and Joo Jin-mo. The film follows a young woman who discovers a magical world and the mysterious man she meets there. The film was praised for its inventive visuals and performances, and won the Grand Bell Award for Best Film.

In 2014, Ma released her most successful film to date, My Love, My Bride. The film, which stars Jo Jung-suk and Shim Eun-kyung, follows a young couple as they navigate the ups and downs of married life. The film was a major box office success, and earned numerous awards, including the Grand Bell Award for Best Picture.

Ma Min-ji continues to be one of the most successful and acclaimed filmmakers in South Korea. She has proven herself to be an adept storyteller, capable of crafting heartfelt stories that often

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