Lluís Galter

Lluís Galter



Lluís Galter is a Spanish director, producer and screenwriter whose works have been shown and awarded in Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and San Sebastian Film Festival. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication in 2008 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and in 2011 he completed the Film Masters Degree in ESCAC.

In 2009, he directed his first short film, 'La casa del Bosque' (The Forest House), which was awarded with the Best Short Film at the Málaga Film Festival. In the same year, he was selected to participate in the Cannes Cinéfondation Residence with his project 'La Lluvia Blava' (The Blue Rain). In 2010, he directed 'La Mujer de los Perros' (The Woman of the Dogs), a short film that was awarded at several international festivals, such as the Nantes Film Festival and the Festival de la Féria du Rire de Montreux.

In 2013, his first feature film, 'Els Nens Salvatges' (The Wild Children), was released. The film was presented at the Berlin International Film Festival and it won the Goya Award for the Best New Director, as well as several other awards.

In 2017, Galter released his second feature film, 'La Vida Lliure' (The Free Life), which was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival and was awarded at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Galter is currently working on the development of his third feature film, 'Cada Dia Més' (Every Day More), which is set to be released in 2020.

In addition to his film work, Galter has directed several music videos and commercials, and he is also a teacher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the ESCAC.

Throughout his career, Galter has managed to create an unmistakable style, thanks to his commitment to realism and his exploration of topics related to adolescence and family relationships. His films are characterized by the intimate and sincere portrayal of his protagonists, which allows him to transmit the emotions of his stories in a very powerful way.

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