Lee Dainton

Lee Dainton

Actor, Director


Lee Dainton is an English writer, director, producer, and actor, most widely known for his work on the MTV series Dirty Sanchez and as part of the production team behind the movie The Wedding Video.

Dainton grew up in South Wales and was an avid skateboarder in his youth. He was part of the legendary skateboarding crew ‘The Dirty Sanchez’ and eventually became a professional skateboarder. His career in the skateboarding industry led him to be cast in the MTV series Dirty Sanchez, which documented the outrageous stunts and pranks of the Dirty Sanchez crew.

In 2006, Dainton wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film, The Wedding Video. It was a romantic comedy about a wedding videographer who falls for the bride’s cousin. The film was a critical success and was a box office hit.

Dainton has since gone on to direct numerous films and TV series, including the horror-comedy Hex, the comedy-drama series Skins, the comedy drama series Misfits, the sci-fi thriller The Machine, the horror movie Don't Hang Up, and the romantic comedy Love, Rosie.

Dainton is also an actor, appearing in films such as The Wedding Video, Love, Rosie, and Don't Hang Up. He is also a stuntman, often performing his own stunts in films such as Hex and The Machine.

In addition to his work in film and television, Dainton is also an accomplished director of music videos and commercials. He has directed music videos for artists such as The Enemy, The Streets, and The Prodigy, and commercials for brands such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and Jaguar.

Lee Dainton is a multi-talented individual who has left an indelible mark on the world of film and television. With his unique style, creative vision, and passion for storytelling, he has created some of the most memorable films and television series of the 21st century.

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