Laura Royko

Laura Royko

Associate Producer


Previously the Sales Director of Cardinal Releasing and responsible for most Media deals , on a worldwide basis, Laura Royko has been responsible for deals with BBC, SKY, MTV (USA), FOX, SBS, ABC, Channel 4 (UK), Channel 5 (UK), Biography and Universal. Upon the creation of “The Classic Artists Series”, Royko brought the (Classic Artists) Series and the brand to the marketplace in a Pre-Sales capacity and signed deals for DVD Distribution in U.S.A. ,Canada, Japan, Australia, UK and Europe, setting the series on a strong footing from prior to the completion of the first Episode. The distribution in new and diverse platforms continues, as well as her involvement in the development of new programming concepts. Laura now writes all script , press and packaging for the company,  including treatments and scripts for upcoming series (working title) ‘ On the Trail of the Blues’.

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