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Kalle Käesel is a highly acclaimed and respected director from Estonia. He is most well-known for his critically acclaimed films such as the critically acclaimed feature film "The Tango of Longing" (2008) and the award-winning documentary "The Day of the Sledgehammer" (2009).

Kalle Käesel was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1973. He studied film at the University of Tartu, where he graduated with a degree in film and media studies in 1996. After graduating, he worked as a cinematographer and editor on numerous short films, music videos and television shows.

In 2003, Kalle Käesel made his directorial debut with the short film "The Blue Scarf." The film won multiple awards including Best Short Film at the Pärnu International Film Festival.

Kalle Käesel's first feature film was "The Tango of Longing" (2008). The film was an intimate portrait of a woman's struggle to find her identity in a rapidly changing society. The film was a critical and commercial success, and it won multiple awards including Best Director at the Pärnu International Film Festival and Best Feature Film at the Estonian Film Awards.

In 2009, Kalle Käesel released his second feature film, the award-winning documentary "The Day of the Sledgehammer." The film documented the struggles of a small Estonian town as it attempts to recover from the economic and political collapse of the Soviet Union. The film was praised for its powerful cinematography and its honest portrayal of life in a post-Soviet Estonia.

Kalle Käesel has also directed several television shows, including the historical drama "The Blood of the Black Sun" (2010) and the crime drama "The White Wolf" (2011). His most recent project is the feature film "The Longing", which is a story about a woman struggling to save her family amidst the chaos of post-war Estonia.

Kalle Käesel is an incredibly talented and versatile director. His films are known for their realism and emotional depth. He is highly respected in the Estonian film industry and his work has been widely recognized and appreciated by both critics and audiences.

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