Joost van der Valk

Joost van der Valk

Director, Co-Producer


Joost van der Valk is a Dutch director and producer best known for his work on feature films, television series, and documentaries. He was born in The Hague, Netherlands in 1961.

Van der Valk started his career in 1988 as an assistant director on the Dutch television series De Familie Goudenkruik. From there, he went on to direct and produce the series Kijken in de Ziel, which earned him a Netherlands Film Festival Award in 1993.

Throughout the 1990s, van der Valk’s career flourished as he directed and produced a number of feature films, television series, and documentaries. His films included the drama Aanmodderfakker, the romantic comedy Liefdesliedjes, and the thriller Het Verraad. On television, he worked on the documentary series De Wereld Draait Door and the crime drama Baantjer. He also directed a number of documentaries, including Wilhelmina: Queen of the Netherlands and The Last Days of Anne Frank.

In 2001, van der Valk won the prestigious Prix Italia for his documentary The Last Days of Anne Frank. This work was followed by the drama series Mijn vader is de beste and the feature film Leef!. He also worked on the television series Second Chance and produced the feature films Winter in Wartime and The Dark House.

In recent years, van der Valk has continued to direct and produce a variety of films and television series. These have included the drama series Costa!, the romantic comedy Liever Verliefd, and the feature film App. He also directed the documentary series De Zwijgende Meerminnen and produced the drama series Bij ons in de Jordaan.

Throughout his career, van der Valk has earned numerous awards and accolades, including the Netherlands Film Festival Award, the Prix Italia, and the Dutch Academy Award. His films and television programs continue to be enjoyed by audiences both in the Netherlands and around the world.