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Joel Fendelman



Joel Fendelman is an award-winning director, writer, and producer whose films explore the nuances of human relationships. His debut feature, "Unsound" was released theatrically in 2020 to critical acclaim. The film was an official selection at over 30 festivals around the world, including SXSW, AFI Fest, and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Joel’s career began in the theater. He studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, where he wrote and directed several plays. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. He wrote and directed a short film, "The Distance Between Us" which won numerous awards, including Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

In 2018, Joel wrote and directed his first feature film, "Unsound". The film follows a Jewish refugee from Poland who moves to Chicago in the 1930s. While trying to make a new life for herself, she discovers the underground jazz scene and finds solace in the music. The film was praised for its authentic depiction of the immigrant experience and its nuanced depiction of race and class in Depression-era America.

In addition to his feature work, Joel has directed several music videos for various artists, including The Roots, The Civil Wars, and The Guggenheim Grotto. He also directed the short documentary "Who is John Doe?" which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Joel is currently in post-production on his second feature film, "The Shadow of Violence". The film is set during the civil rights movement in the South and follows a young white girl as she learns the truth about her family's history.

Joel’s work has been praised for its honesty and focus on the human condition. He is a director who is not afraid to explore difficult topics and push the boundaries of storytelling. His films have earned him numerous awards and recognition, including the Grand Jury Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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