Isabelle Rebre

Isabelle Rebre



Isabelle Rebre is a renowned French film director, producer and screenwriter. She is best known for her work on the critically acclaimed films “The Dreamers” (2003) and “Woman in Gold” (2015).

Rebre was born in Paris, France in 1963. She studied at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, where she earned her degree in engineering. After working as a freelance journalist for several years, Rebre decided to pursue a career in film. She attended the University of Paris VIII, where she earned her master’s degree in film direction and production.

Rebre’s first feature film, “The Dreamers”, was released in 2003 and was critically acclaimed. The film tells the story of three young people in Paris during the 1968 student protests. It earned Rebre the César Award for Best First Feature Film. Her second feature film, “Woman in Gold”, was released in 2015 and starred Helen Mirren. It was a box office success and earned Rebre a nomination for the César Award for Best Director.

In addition to her feature films, Rebre has also directed several short films and documentaries. Her short film “Elle est toute proche” (2008) won the César Award for Best Short Film. She has also directed documentaries such as “Tous les soleils” (2012) and “Le bruit des mots” (2016).

Rebre is also an accomplished producer. She has produced films such as “The Dreamers”, “Woman in Gold”, “Elle est toute proche”, and “Tous les soleils”. She has also produced the television series “Romance” (2015).

Isabelle Rebre is a talented and accomplished filmmaker. Her work has earned her numerous awards and nominations, including the César Award for Best First Feature Film, Best Short Film, and Best Director. Her films are loved by audiences around the world and are a testament to her passion for storytelling.

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