Guylaine Maroist

Guylaine Maroist

Director, Producer


Guylaine Maroist is a French-Canadian filmmaker, director, and producer who has been working in the film industry since the late 1990s. Born in Montreal, Canada, Guylaine has always had a passion for storytelling, and her first love was theater. She went on to study theater at the National Theatre School of Canada, before moving on to pursue a career in film.

Guylaine began her career as a production assistant, working on a number of Canadian feature films and television shows. Her first directorial effort was a short film titled "Rue de l'Eau" in 1998. The film was well-received and won a number of awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival.

In 2000, Guylaine wrote and directed her first feature film, "The Secret". The film was a critical success, and won the Silver Leopard Award for Best Film at the Locarno International Film Festival. She then went on to direct "Where the Rivers Flow North" (2003), which won the Grand Prix at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Guylaine's subsequent films have also earned her acclaim. Her 2008 film "Maman Last Call" won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and her 2016 film "The Searchers" won the Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

In addition to feature films, Guylaine has also directed several television shows, including "The Last Templar" (2010), "Blue Moon" (2012), and "Nurse Jackie" (2015). She is also well-known for her work on the popular Canadian series "Les Invincibles" (2012-2014), for which she won a Gemini Award for Best Direction in a Dramatic Series.

Throughout her career, Guylaine has been recognized for her commitment to realism and her ability to tell stories with both humor and sensitivity. She is a master of the art of filmmaking, and her work has been celebrated around the world.

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