Graeme Ferguson

Graeme Ferguson

Actor, Producer, Director, Executive Producer, Director of Photography


Graeme Ferguson (born 1934) is an Academy Award-winning Canadian film director, producer, and cinematographer. He is best known for his pioneering work in IMAX film and his contributions to the development of the IMAX film format.

Ferguson was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He studied at the University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in economics. After graduation, he worked for the CBC Television Network as a radio and television producer.

In 1967, Ferguson co-founded Multi-Screen Corporation with Roman Kroitor and Robert Kerr. The company was the first to develop the IMAX film format and its first film, "Tiger Child," was the first IMAX film to be exhibited. The success of the film led to the development of other IMAX films, including "North of Superior," "The Dream Is Alive," and "The Blue Planet."

In the 1980s, Ferguson worked as a director and producer on several IMAX films. He directed "The Miracle of Flight," "To Fly!," "The Dream Is Alive," and "Eureka!" He also produced the IMAX films "The Magic of Flight," "Destiny in Space," and "Mysteries of Egypt." In addition, he was a cinematographer for the IMAX film "Everest."

In 1999, Ferguson was awarded an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement for his contributions to the development of the IMAX film process. He also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Toronto in 2000.

Ferguson continues to be an advocate for IMAX films and has produced and directed several IMAX films in recent years. He was the executive producer of the IMAX film "Space Station 3D" (2002), and was the producer and director of "Fires of Kuwait" (2003).

Ferguson has been a leader in the IMAX film industry and has helped to bring this unique and innovative film format to the world. His pioneering work in IMAX films has revolutionized the way we view documentaries and other films. He has been an important figure in the development of IMAX films and his work has been recognized and admired around the world.


Oct. 7, 1929