Geoffrey O'Connor

Geoffrey O'Connor

Producer, Director


Geoffrey O’Connor is an accomplished director from Australia who has directed award-winning films and television series. He was born in Melbourne in 1977, and grew up in the suburbs of the city.

He attended the University of Melbourne, where he majored in philosophy and film studies. After graduating, he worked as a freelance assistant director for various productions from 1999 to 2002. He then moved to Sydney and worked as a director in the Australian television industry.

His first directing credit was for the critically acclaimed television series, "Love My Way" in 2006. His direction helped to make it one of the most popular shows of its time and it was nominated for multiple awards. He then went on to direct the award-winning feature film, "The Black Balloon" in 2008. The film won multiple awards at film festivals around the world and was praised for its sensitive depiction of mental illness.

Since then, he has directed several feature films and television series. He has directed episodes of successful shows such as "Offspring", "Winners & Losers", "Rake", and "The Wrong Girl". He has also directed the feature films "The Little Death" and "Mental".

He has been praised for his ability to create compelling stories and engaging characters. His work has been acknowledged by numerous awards, including the Australian Directors Guild's Best Director Award for both "Love My Way" and "The Black Balloon". His films have also been nominated for multiple international awards.

Geoffrey O’Connor is an internationally acclaimed director whose work has had a major impact on the Australian film and television industry. His work has been praised for its sensitive and thought-provoking themes. He continues to direct films and television series, and is set to direct several upcoming projects.

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